How to order the DrySpot Towel & Car Seat Cover

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Print our Ordering Form and send to address below
Print the following page, fill it out & send to address below.

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Toll free by phone: 1-888-554-7768
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Street address:


Ship-to address, if different than above.


Towel color: dark blue, tan or charcoal gray

Top print: Hawaiian floral, subtle print or solid.

Waterproof, breathable: to match.

Standard Size: 30" W X 62" L

Select quantity: 1 thru 6

Custom: Specify seat measurements, year/make/model of vehicle or boat.

Describe any other considerations, such as seatbelts coming out of seat itself, as on 2002 Chevy's, GMC & Dodges.

Send check or money order to:
Amount: $29.95ea. + $6.50 s&h Total $36.45
276 Melrose Ave
Encinitas, CA. 92024



Dry Spot - Surf Towel - Car Seat Covers

The DrySpot seat cover makes a perfect gift for workout, exercise, surfing, running, swimming, dog and pet enthusiasts.
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